Artist Bio 


I always wanted to be a full time artist. After graduating with a  Bachelor of Fine Arts degree  from Delhi Art College, India  in 1996, it wasn't until 2016 that I started painting full time. I spent the intervening years in the booming IT industry as a Graphic Designer/UI&UX expert working on several exciting projects and companies.


Travel is always inspirational for me. We lived in Munich for a few years which helped me recharge my vision of being a full time artist I collaborated with two artists and had my first show in 2018


As an artist and now as a teacher I find myself in constant learning and practicing mode. I work in various mediums and really enjoy watercolors, gouache and oil paints. Recently, I find myself drawn to prints as I did like lithography while at college. 


Artist Statement


My artwork is an expression of my point of view. Most often, to express my point I have to use more than one medium which I find extremely liberating. This also keeps me motivated and challenged at the same time. It's also a great opportunity to learn something new and refine my technique. I truly believe that just like any other profession and artist must learn throughout one’s practice. 


In my creative process, I do a lot of walking around towns and cities that I visit and/or live in and take lots of pictures. Then I deconstruct it down to its bones and focus only on the parts that interest me and then find a way to express that vision.